monster trucks australia
monster trucks australia

Real Racing Monster Trucks sporting fully blown supercharged Drag racing 1500 horse powered engines capable of speeds over 100 kilometres per hour, contesting a wheel standing sky wheelie
competition will take to the arenas, check out our events page for a show near you!

Still powering on
Roll on with the recession thatís all I can say after the first three official months of the latest World recession all I can say is can we PLEASE keep it.
Crowds are definitely way up this year. Merchandise is up over 30%, advertising rates are at realistic prices and on a selfish basis its even possible to find workers to travel on the road which is always a problem for a major touring road show like the Monsters Tour of Destruction.
I spoke with USA monster truck driver Paul Shafer when he was in the country last year voicing my concerns about the impending bad economy and his suggestions were that people really start to believe all the media doom and gloom, stop travelling away for the annual holidays etc. So when an annual type spectacular like ours hits town they figure what the hell its a reasonable priced night out. I do believe heís right virtually everywhere weíve gone this year has been a sell out and we now have most venues locked up on five year deals to ensure we will be heading back on an annual basis for a while to come.

National Coverage
We are also really stepping up our marketing this year, here in Australia you will see a  lot more of Scooby, Batman, Outback Thunda and co. on TV starting with a live broadcast from Movie World at Easter for the Bat and Scooby then from there our own TV show will definitely appear on a monthly basis on FOX, SBS and on Bi Monthly on Noontime slots on National TV9
Still Growing
Jane Simmons has left her promotional position at the Macquarie Radio station Network to assist in Promotions and will be a great asset as major expansions continue in our attack into the world of monster truck that brings us to yet even more big news lots more new bodies and new trucks are explained later in this edition of the monster monthly and this is all part of a serious attack that will finally see this company seriously invade the likes of NEW ZEALAND, CHINA and various other ASIAN countries. We are rapidly tying all our venues in long term contracts in this country and now see it as a perfect time to expand into the Asian market. The New Zealand Tour will commence in Auckland in October this year and again will be an ongoing relationship that will then happen every two years.
Once upon a time we had this dream of working with the Americans nowadays I believe we can take our trucks and produce a family style show that includes a wide range of entertainment that in time can be a better product. Certainly we canít and donít want to try to match their VEGAS show, who would want to the costs would be horrifying and human nature then expects every show to be as good as that.
No, we have a great product that we are refining that will continue to grow and is already a major highlight on many towns around Australiaís calendar each year.
We do have to continue to address spectator safety, lack of seating, better catering, better production of the actual show, and better ticketing not dramatically but certainly these are areaís that we and a lot of other event organisers suffer in but rest assured over the next few months HUGE changes will occur.
A New Beginning for Motorstorm
Thatís right once the trucks return from their current Western Australian and Southern Australian adventures the Sony Playstation truck Motorstorm will be NO MORE. Once there was management changes at Sony last September all interest was lost in the Motorstorm truck and we were basically going through the legal motions to keep the company happy but no matter how many times we called them to let them know the progress of their truck they would never show interest or even return calls. However we decided to keep faith and although they had not really kept up their end of the deal we honoured ours and now we can finally move on and with some regrets we say farewell to Motorstorm. Itís had some great victories including Dan Patrickís win in the Racing at Last years World Finals event at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. That was followed up on the same night by Kreg Christensen with a Freestyle victory in the same truck. It has been Jaye Featherbyís regular truck for the entire season, has featured on hundreds on TV shows some more for the unfortunate reason as this was also the truck that TV personality Grant Denyer mysteriously injured his back in at Dapto Showgrounds last year. All in all Motorstorm will certainly be remembered for a long time to come but GUESS WHAT???
Thatís right keeping with the 3D Warner Brothers/Looney Toons cartoon trucks what better way to say goodbye to a Champion than to replace it with one of the most famous cartoon characters ever created. Under licence from Warners again Bugs will be designed and built by Lindsay Houston from L.D.I. Kustom Signs and Designs and should be released at the Cairns Show on June 6. If this fails due to design approvals from Warners then its release will be at Dapto Showgrounds in September. Many names are being thrown around for the new truck. Bugsies Revenge being one of the favourites at present and rest assured this truck is set to be just as popular as the Scooby Truck which would have to be one of the World most popular characters. Lindsay says the design for the bugs truck is going to be his best yet and will be a real crowd favourite . Yet another fantastic asset for the Monsters Tour of Destruction in 09 and 2010.
But that's not all Folks

BUGS is set to get a new friend because he is going to be joined by another well known kids favorite TAZ.  Thatís right still keeping with the kids theory.  We will be saying farewell to Thunda 2 and replacing this body with an all new, style TAZ body that will NOT be a direct copy of the American one in fact it blow theirs away just as Batman did.  Everyone said when we built our latest Batman that we would just copy the USA one.  Not a hope in hell ours is far nicer and thatís exactly what Lindsay has promised with TAZ.  Anything we do from here on in has to be better and it will be, TAZ will definitely be in Cairns for the June 6 show and it was one of the stipulations from Warners that we donít directly copy the Feld one and why would we want to.

Just when you thought every USA design was sacred well its not Monster Patrol is coming off the circuit for awhile after Mt Gambier and is set to get a whole NEW facelift and will return to the public arena as the K ZONE MONSTER PATROL with a whole new Police look, gone will be the current Sheriff. In its place will be a more kids friendly themed truck, still similar to CARS Sheriff, again targeting the 3 to 13 year age group. The flashing lights will stay as will the green colors, but thatís about the only resemblance you will see to the old Monster Patrol. We are currently talking to the Police forces about using the truck for various promotions in certain states which will also be good for branding and could even lead to sponsorship through the drink driving campaigns.


The original Thunda gets a new look

Thatís right after 22 years of twisting oddly over the cars with its giant coil spring out dated chassis over the next couple of months poor old Thunda as we know it will be NO more Thunda will get a Brand New Chassis from James Tigue and Rich Inman.  New sheet metal housings, new Coombes shocks, new Profab transfer case new poweglide transmission, all Patrick sway bars and accessories basically the lot, then it will get the Thunda 2 Body and will all be reassembled by one of Kreg Christensen sons in time for the July shows.  Basically a complete new truck.  The Old Thunda will be repainted and will be kept as a display item at the new permanent Souvenir Shop opening at the Big Kart track later in the year on the Sunshine Coast in Sunny Qld


More still to come
Thereís still more the brand spanking State of the art truck that Dan Patrick is currently building us to head over to our shores will be a complete replica of his very own SAMSON truck right down to the bulging muscle arms that have made the truck famous in the USA. No expense will be spared on this brand new truck that will also come with a full toy range. These should hit our shores as early as mid April. Dan is planning to spend more time here again in June upgrading more of the current fleet of KCís trucks and in another first Clive may head over to the States to drive his Samson truck at the same venue. This truck will be equivalent to any of the Grave Diggers or Blue Thunder trucks of the Feld Entertainment World and continue to bring Australian efforts up to yet another level.


Another addition to the line-up

Well its NOT exactly a monster truck but it will be joining the Monsters Tour of Destruction.  Paul Shafer has been helping us to acquire a 2007 Hummer vehicle with Mag Spinners, the works, that will shortly travel to Australia then have its interior removed and will then be re modified and will be our own very spectacular VERY COOL HUMMER JET VAN.  Also equipped with life kits, this is certain to be yet another absolute hit with the kids in the later part of this years Monsters Tour of Destruction.


Western Australia it's a long way from Home
Itís 4500 kilometres from Qldís Sunshine Coast and a bloody long way for Barry, Ken and the team to travel to W.A. for our Bi Annual Monsters Tour of Destruction jaunt and I have to say although the crowds have been huge now having added up the costs will probably not rush to bring such a large scale show back to the West in a hurry. After great shows in South Australia at Adelaide and Whyalla we headed to the very Southern part of W.A. to Albany, a very beautiful part of Australia and to the local trotting track where the club manager Colin Parks and his team were some of the nicest people we have ever encountered. Saturday February 28 saw the show go ahead under threatening skies and blustery conditions all trucks with the exception of Thunda that was suffering mechanical problems ran well. But as has been the norm right around Australia we had the usual complaints about people not being able to get a good viewing spot and rightly so. I really donít know how we keep the price down to an affordable level for families yet keep to venues that wonít cost a fortune and put the tickets up in the Crustyís bracket. It is a real problem. From here on we headed up the highway to Perth Motorplex, this venue has to be one of the most up market Speedway complexes in the entire World, it reminded me of driving into the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, nice fully asphalted car parks, lighting everywhere, the grounds were impeccable just like a NASCAR circuit. The promotional team were on another level as well Gary Miocevich, Kevin Prendegast and Gavin Migro are all very switched on hard working Promoters set on making sure they hit a winner wherever possible. We were on a hire deal to them and charged them fairly serious money but thankfully this was to all work out good for them in the long run. On the night of the show they had gone all out. They had so many freestyler Motorcross riders I actually thought they were running a supercross, they had the car crane drop, hilarious demo derby football, Tractor Pull, and stunt acts, the trucks ran great. Darrel went out in his very first jump of the night in Thunda 2 and proceeded to hit the cars then try to wheelie off just to end up on his roof. Jaye then went out cleared the entire row of cars in Motorstorm in a Huge jump bending a torsion bar that was later replaced, however not to be outdone Billy went out in Scooby and launched just as high with another great wheelie. Itís really sad that Billy wonít be around as much this year due to his studies as he has now become a very reliable driver, who always entertains yet still bring the truck back in one piece on most occasions. Even the Grand daddy of them all Barry in the Batman truck let lose with a great wheelie of the cars and then the original Thunda hit the cars for its first jump snapped the rear heim joints and tipped off the cars completed on its tyre walls before Clive drove out of it only to find it had sheared every bracket off the rear diff to put Thunda out for the rest of the night .
All In all the Motorplex management put the money up and they got a record crowd and they deserved it. They ran the show how it need to be run if promoters want crowds to keep turning up in big numbers. Now it is just Bunbury left and tickets are selling well for this Saturday, then the trucks head back across the Nullabour to Mt Gambier in South Australia for a final show there on April 4th. Other dates for Geraldton and Wanneroo were cancelled, Geraldton simply because we found it too hard to deal with the club and will not ever contemplate going near the speedway ever again and Wanneroo because of promotional difficulties which really makes us seriously consider whether next time around do we go to W.A. where authorities drive you nuts for just three shows or ship four trucks to New Zealand for eight shows and do a deal with the promoters over there. Authorities in W.A. are truly 15 years behind the times and most make life so difficult it has not been a very nice experience in this state and even with the money the Motorplex has paid us in all honesty we are a promotions company so we can do that ourselves quite easily without going on a 9000km round tripÖ. Time will tell but in the meantime we have been there, done that for another season and hopefully left a lot of families in this part of the world a bit happier

The Monster Trucks that could be at a shows near you

SCOOBY-DOO is an all new 3D concept truck. It is probably the most advanced and superior Monster Truck to ever grace Australian shores.  Costing around $500,000 to construct SCOOBY-DOO is the latest in Monster Truck technology. SCOOBY-DOO is unique in many ways, not only is it the only Scooby Truck in the world, it is the only Monster Truck to be driven by a 15 year old. Yes, thatís right only Fifteen!

Batman Beginsô is a world first and is the first monster truck in conjunction with Warner Brosô in the southern hemisphere. Batman beginsô is a world first with the truck being a scale replica of the hugely popular ďTumblerôĒ from the newest Batmanô movie. KCís fireworks took the first step to bring monster trucks to a new level in Australia and went into partnership with Warner Brosô to bring you ďBatman Beginsô, which is just the first of two household names to be the new face of Monster Trucks in Australia.
Monster Patrol is an American icon in motor sports and was the truck that started the career for five-time World Monster Truck Champion Tom Meents.  Monster Truck is valued at over $250.000, it has become one of the most successful in the world of Monster Trucks. Chicago based owner Paul Shafer is excited at the prospect of Monster Patrol joining another of his heavyweight heroes, Bear Foot USA, already racing in Australia for the next three years.

Outback Thunda is big, he's bright, and to many this great Monster Truck is both brilliant and beautiful. He's a favourite with the children and adults alike, around the world. In 2002 after what was the only ever Monster Truck Freestyle Championship Challenge, Outback Thunda was crowned the Australian Monster Truck Champion, he again won in 2005 at Brisbane International Speedway, 2006 at the Brisbane Ekka grounds and again in 2007.
Outback Thunda is a 7 1/2 tonne car-jumping, car crashing legend. Outback Thunda has appeared with distinction in every state in Australia and several East Coast USA States.

  Devils Dodge The latest truck to join the KC's Outback Thunda Promotions Team is the highly acclaimed Devils Dodge, formally owned by Larry Birch from Mays Landing Florida. The truck is the first non Chevrolet truck in the fleet, powered by a 570ci Hemi motor. These motors run a lot different to the conventional chevs, if it is too hard to maintain, the motor will be sold and replaced with another big block Chevy. Devils Dodge is a very well looked after, almost new truck, having completed less than 30 shows all up.
Larry Birch is also the owner of the main business that manufactures the kill radios (Rii, Remote ignition interrupter), that are used by law on all Monster trucks. Devils Dodge will change appearance by mid
year to become TAZ. 

  The Boss This is one of the classic Monster Trucks that Australia has. The Boss's body is a combination of  a Chevrolet cab with Ford F-series pick-up front end and bed. The motor in this truck is a naturally aspirated Chevrolet V8. Now would you be a real good citizen if the Sheriffs Department all got squad car like this one.

The Undertaker VEHICLE: 1990 Chevrolet S-10ENGINE: V8 CARBURETION: Naturally aspirated HORSEPOWER: 450hp TRANSMISSION: Modified Turbo 400 AXLES: Modified 5-ton axles SUSPENSION: Arch springs with 14 shock absorbers
TYRES: 66" x 44" x 32" low profile tubeless floatation tyres
This is another of Australia's classic old Monster Trucks.


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