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Australia’s newest monster truck company

Welcome to Ultimate Monster Action – Australia’s newest Monster Truck company performing quality family entertainment shows across the nation and offering entertainment solutions for your regional shows, corporate events and entertainment venues.


Ultimate Monster Action pty ltd is the newest Australian entertainment company to bring the local communities  a Monster Family entertainment event with decades of experience.    With over 20 years experience in providing family entertainment, our director Troy Garcia and his team  fully understand the need to provide a value for money event to the local community whilst respecting and preserving the venue.   Our events are a combination of family favourite indoor and outdoor attractions and features Performing Monster Trucks, Freestyle Motorcross with world class riders, Roll over Cars and Trucks, Monster Rides Trucks, Crazy Car Stunts—inc car domino, steel wall, ramp races, demo derby, wall of fire and trained Stunt performers with stunt clowns and other crazy characters and finish with a Fireworks spectacular.   Local performers including kids on motorbikes are included where possible.  Not all of our activities are included in each event. Each show features an event tailored to the venue ensuring that safety is always the first priority.


Looking for entertainment solutions:


Ultimate Monster Action’s equipment range available for hire is growing with our company and presently features :

*Performing Monster Trucks - SPOT, Tassie Devil, Chevy Roo, Old Skool

*Monster Rides Trucks - Captain Koala, Beafoot

*Ultimate FMX team—featuring world class riders

*Syco Sam - a roll over stunt truck

*Crazy Car Stunts—inc car domino, steel wall, ramp races, demo derby, wall of fire


Contact our team to arrange a tailored package to meet your needs and budget

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